The hermitage

Your Home-From-Home, luxury in the river valley jungle setting with Wisdom Stewards to assist you during your stay. Pristine and Private. Attuned to the potent vibration of "Reflect".  Choose from our three traditional Guest House Packages on-site.  Equipped with in-house  Lineage trained masseuse, Private Yoga, and Salt-Water infinity swim pool filtered with rose quartz and supported by tachyonized zero-point energetics.  Crystal clear river access. 


Apsara House

Feeling more playful and community-oriented? --Apsara House--.designed to the resonance of "Play".  We have Wisdom Keeper guest room packages with shared infinity swimming pool, and one private house with it's own swimming pool/river access. Included here is all the luxury of Wisdom Steward knowledge to assist you in perfecting your days with ease & grace & radical self-care.  We have an in-house lineage healer masseuse, Private Yoga classes by appointment, Lifestyle coaches, fiber optic internet, Art House, and Apsara devas in the nature-realms to ensure joy is discovered in the garden surrounds....


We support what we love!


Tri Hita Karana Bali                                          Facebook: Tri Hita Karana Bali

Threads of Life Bali 

Friends of Auroville (India)

Fiber Sculpture (above)

Artist: Seema Kohli titled "Krishna Rasa Energy Points". The Kohli Family (Seema, Anshika & Svabhu) are part of our Wisdom Keeper Family here at Wu Wei Wisdom Sanctuary, we are blessed; such creative souls.

You Are A Wisdom Keeper

What is your Wisdom? Write to us, join us! and @WuWeiWisdomSanctuary

Sacred Beekeepers -- "Save the Bees"

We are Sacred Beekeepers following the Path of Pollen for 17+years, and a lifetime of Bee-Luv.  Six-fold mystery school teachings and heart-centered bee-centric practices at Wu Wei Wisdom Sanctuary Bali.

Bali Better Breathing (and Skin)

Salt Rooms!  A must for world travel wellness, and Bali-Style Living!!  Facebook BBB

The Fearless Collective

Shilo Shiv Suleman, Nida Mushtaq, and Fabrice Bourgelle.  Facebook: The Fearless Collective.  The 3D mural shown in the photo at the top of this page, titled "Sutradhar" by visual artist Shilo Shiv Suleman and her mother Contemporary Indian Artist, Nilofer Suleman