The Hermitage


Situated in Ubud, the healing heart of the Indonesian archipelago - the jungle sanctuary holds a vibration that immediately allows one to slip into the abounding joy of life itself.

Do you have an In-Residence request? Please contact us, we're a pristine environment from which to pursue your vibrant Wisdom Keeping ways, or to gestate that which enlivens your work and your creative world.

Artists In-Residence / Wisdom Keeper In-Residence, "You Are Welcome." "HOME YOU ARE".

@ The Temple

WISDOM FAMILY HUB... Announcing!              Sutradhar Art House

Our Temple is an 300+ year old antique Tri-Dharmic Temple restored to it's full potential, and adorned in 24K Goldleaf.  (Tri-Dharma= Buddhism/Confucianism/ Taoism) 

The Temple @WuWeiWisdomSanctuary is the space for Wisdom Keeping Ways to revive themselves, to thrive in the Native Earth golden path, and for Wisdom Keepers of all realms to meet at the vital intersections of Nature-Ecology, Spirtuality, and the Creative Arts.   


APSARA : (Sanskrit) "Celestial Dancers", "Nymph", "Celestial Nymph", "Celestial Maiden".

Apsaras appear in many cultures as beautiful supernatural female beings. They are youthful and elegant, and superb in the creative arts. Our Apsara House pays homage to these precious energies of the Balinese Jungle, and is a place to play, create, and luxuriate during your stay.  

Apsara House OPENING SOON!


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